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Children's Literature (Cherie Haas)

It’s easy to get to know the zebra in this fact filled book, from general information such as where zebras live, to specifics such as their running speed. These facts and more are included in this easy to read book with photographs that complement each page. Separate sections are headed by questions, such as ‘Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?’ and ‘What Do Zebras Eat?’ All of the photographs have captions, labeling the type of zebras pictured, such as Burchell’s, Grevy’s, and Grant’s zebras. Close-up photos make it easy to see the sharp lines and details of the zebras’ stripes, and the text takes the reader up close as it describes how they use their unique markings. This book has a glossary with key words such as camouflage, predators, and stallion. There is also an index and a short list of web sites for reference. This title is part of a six-book ‘Naturebooks’ series about animals, which also includes books about elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, and wildebeests, all written in a similar style.

—Cherie Haas

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