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Children's Literature (Jane Harrington)

Teachers and young researchers will find this edition in the ‘Naturebooks’ series to be accessible and interesting. The chapter titles are, for the most part, in question format (‘Do Seals Have Many Enemies?’) that will encourage curious readers to flip from the table of contents to the answers. Text in each chapter is simple, large and well-written, and is centered nicely on pages. Opposite all text pages are excellent photographs taken by a number of photographers from all over the world. The diverse photographs of seals include the odd-looking and aptly-named elephant seal of California, the smiley Weddell seal of Antarctica, the photogenic harp seal of Canada and the endangered monk seal of Hawaii. Vocabulary presented is challenging but not taxing, and is reinforced in a glossary, which includes pronunciations. (Did you know that animals with flippers instead of arms or legs are called ‘pinnipeds’?) On the same page with the glossary is a simple index and a list of five websites, which will serve as springboards for many children and teachers to learn more about these endearing marine mammals.

—Jane Harrington

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