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A noteworthy review of Nonfiction Readers: Level 2 from Children's Literature on January 1, 2002

Wonder Books, published by The Child’s World, Inc., has a much-needed low level nonfiction series. The series in Level 2 includes such titles as Helen Keller, Charles Schulz, and Jackie Robinson. Rosa Parks is also in this series. She was born on February 4, 1913 in Pine Level, Alabama. She was raised there and lived in the state of Alabama almost 45 years. When she was growing up she saw that African-Americans were not allowed to do many things or go to many places that white people could go to. She even had to sit in the back of a bus instead of choosing where she wanted to sit. To Rosa this seemed very unfair. She wanted to change things when she became an adult. One day in Montgomery, Alabama she finally got her chance. She was riding on a very crowded bus when a white person got on and wanted her seat. The law at that time said that black people must give up their seat to white people. Rosa refused to move. Soon the police were called and took her off the bus. She was arrested. Her friends became angry and refused to ride the bus until the law was changed. The boycott was successful and a year later the law was changed. Today African-American can enjoy the same rights as everyone else thanks to the brave deed of Rosa Parks. Interesting full-page photographs depict different aspects of Park’s life. An index, web site and other suggested books are included.

—Donna Nelsen

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