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Children's Literature (Jane Harrington)

This early research tool—like the others in the ‘Naturebooks’ series—does a terrific job of presenting science information to young readers. Complete with table of contents, glossary, index and website list, this book showcases an array of fascinating photographs by a number of contributors from Australia, Antarctica, Borneo and other spots around the globe. The text, which is kid-friendly and concise, introduces challenging vocabulary, with terms such as ‘invertebrates,’ ‘zooplankton’ and ‘species.’ Kids will remember fun factoids about these bizarre creatures, such as their ability to glow in the dark and to inject lethal poison with stinging tentacles. And readers will glom onto cool information about how jellyfish emit sticky gel to catch prey, and how the Portuguese man-of-war is carried through the seas like a sailboat. Young dinosaur experts will be surprised to learn that jellyfish appeared on Earth long before their giant heroes. Very educational and a fun and interesting read.

—Jane Harrington

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