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Children's Literature (Denise Daley)

Weighing more than 13 billion pounds, the Hoover dam is the heaviest concrete structure ever made. Of course, building such a massive structure was not easy. Besides controlling the waters of the Colorado River, the dam also produces electricity that provides power to people in the states of Nevada, Arizona, and California. This book gives an informative account of the construction of the dam and provides a simple explanation of how it works. Readers will also learn how the river water was diverted in order to create a dry spot before construction could begin. So many men worked on building the dam that a small town, now known as Boulder City, was built. The facts are amazing and the striking photographs help the reader to visualize, understand, and appreciate the enormity of this impressive structure. The book concludes with a glossary, index, and a list of recommended web sites.

—Denise Daley

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