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A noteworthy review of Nonfiction Readers: Level 3 from School Library Journal on December 1, 2002

Each title defines a character trait by presenting vignettes that demonstrate it. The first book presents suggestions for being and making a friend. In the second, the vignettes give examples of honesty at home, in school, and in the community. Respect shows model behavior toward teachers, classmates, friends, neighbors, and the environment. Each spread includes a full-page, full-color photo and a page of large-print text that poses a dilemma and then suggests the proper behavior. The situations and photographs in each book provide opportunity for discussions. Each title connects the character trait to a figure from history, providing the opportunity to connect the lesson across the curriculum. As more and more schools have adopted character-education programs, appropriate literature, both fiction and nonfiction, is needed to support them. These books will help fill that need.

—Christine E. Carr

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