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A noteworthy review of The World of NASCAR from School Library Journal on June 1, 2003

Buckley describes the challenging work of pit crews in their frantic 20-second ballet to refuel, re-tire, and fix whatever is fixable on a highly engineered, finely tuned car bucking for the checkered flag. A second-by-second timetable for a pit stop is included. DeBoard discusses the careful combination of components needed to create the fastest, most aerodynamically stable, best engineered race car of the tarmac. The texts are conversational in tone, with Stock Car the more demanding due to the topic. Crisp, color photos abound-pit crews scrambling over ‘the wall,’ a lineup of huge 18-wheelers used to haul equipment and cars from track to track, welders doing body work, cars in action on the track-all bound together with a border combining caution-flag yellow and the black-and-white squares of the winning flag. Bright blue boxes give additional information on a variety of topics-steering, brakes, tires-providing more data for aficionados. Team these titles with Michael Johnstone’s Monster Trucks and NASCAR (both Lerner, 2002) to spiff up an aging 796.2 section.

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