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A noteworthy review of Naturebooks from Library Media Connection on November 1, 2003

This series introduces children to interesting facts about insects or insect look-alikes. In large print and easy language that children can understand, each volume describes the body, habitat, feeding habits, birth and care of the young, and individual lifestyle of each creature. The colorful photographs with detailed explanations give the reader a realistic perspective of the lifestyle and habits of each insect. More difficult words are in a glossary at the end of the book. Glossary definitions are written in language that children can easily read and understand. Additional links can be found on the publisher’s Web site. A note to parents, teachers, and librarians indicates that the links are checked routinely to make sure they are safe and active. Children who enjoy reading about insects and insect look-alikes will be attracted to the books because of their colorful covers and realistic pictures. The series is a good one for primary children or for older students who have difficulty with reading comprehension. Index.

—Madeline L. Buchanan

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