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A noteworthy review of Our Galaxy and Beyond from School Library Journal on January 1, 2004

These introductions to the fourth, fifth, and sixth planets combine an array of cogent color photographs and graphic images with simply phrased texts printed in widely spaced lines of type. In direct, sometimes animated style, each title covers ancient and modern astronomical observations, distinctive physical features, informed conjectures about inner structure, and one or two moons. The information is basic, but not couched in vague generalities. In Jupiter, Simon not only mentions the planet’s ‘wild storms’ and powerful magnetic field, but also discusses possible causes for both. All three titles are supplemented by lists of recent books and addresses for further information, plus links to such child-friendly resources as ‘NASA Kids’ on the publisher’s Web site. Current as of early 2003, these offerings make above-average replacements or supplements for equivalent volumes in the ‘Our Universe’ (Lerner) or ‘True Book’ series (Children’s).

—John Peters

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