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A noteworthy review of Our Thirteen Colonies from School Library Journal on June 1, 2004

Each book includes a clear, concise discussion of the Native Americans, exploration and settlement, Colonial life, events leading up to the Revolution, and the arguments in each colony’s legislature about ratification of the Constitution. Maps, etchings, prints, portraits, and illustrations from state archives and other primary sources lend credibility to the texts. De Capua focuses on the history of the Virginia Colony and its important citizens who participated in the Continental Congresses and the Constitutional Conventions. Williams focuses on Maryland’s needs as a Catholic colony. Williams does a better job of detailing the roles of women and slaves, telling the story of Benjamin Banneker and Margaret Brent, a colonist who became well known as an excellent property manager. Great for reports or as introductory reading before doing more extensive research.

—Pamela K. Bombay

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