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A noteworthy review of Above the Rim: The NBA Library from Booklist on September 1, 2004

Young readers seeking plenty of facts and season highlights of some of their favorite NBA teams will be well served by these short, colorful volumes from the Above the Rim series. Each book is divided into brief chapters that explore the history of a specific team, focusing primarily on key players and either exceptionally triumphant or dismally disappointing seasons. The page layout is eye-catching and inviting, while the text, with its rapid-fire descriptions, succinct overviews, and some play-by-play moments, will entice sports enthusiasts. Color action photos on most spreads will draw young readers as well, although the photographs in The Central Division are far superior to those in The Atlantic Division. Both books include statistical charts, a glossary of terms highlighted in color throughout the text, and a time line. Fine selections for elementary and some middle-school collections.

—Roger Leslie

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