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A noteworthy review of The Scribbles Institute How-to-Draw Books from Booklist on April 1, 2005

Volumes in the Scribbles Institute How-To-Draw Books series do more than deconstruct objects into basic shapes then reconstruct them to show budding artists how to draw. They also provide information about select information of what’s being drawn (‘Fenders are designed to protect the body from dirt’), which makes artists look harder at details and helps them better understand what they are creating. Court begins with the fun stuff—the cars—several of them to whet the sketcher’s appetite. Then he introduces a few drawing fundamentals—perspective, shading, and composition—and supplies tips on choosing drawing pencils and using color to enliven a picture. Of course, it will be the cars, from dragsters and jeeps to classics such as the ‘Woody,’ that attract kids to this book, but there’s a lot more than just drawing practice here.

—Stephanie Zvirin

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