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A noteworthy review of Journey to Freedom: The African American Library from School Library Journal on August 1, 2005

Three quality titles both in content and design. Cunningham describes the many successes that led to Rice’s current position as secretary of state. Dell discusses Davis’s battle with herion addiction and his difficult personality, as well as his development as a performer and his fame. Somervill chronicles the battle for desegregation during the 1950s. She tells how Linda Brown’s father fought for the right to send his daughter to Sumner Elementary School in Topeka and his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court when the lawsuit failed in the U.S. District Court of Kansas. Chapters explain some of the laws that restricted the rights of African Americans as well as differences in the quality of education blacks and whites received. Excellent historical and current photos enhance the easy-to-read texts on every spread.

—Susan Shaver

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