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A noteworthy review of Mighty Math from Children's Bookwatch on August 1, 2005

‘Mighty Math’ is a superbly presented, six volume series of instructional books for children grades 1 through 3. The hallmark of these strongly recommended books are their clear design which encompasses everyday examples of the practical application of mathematics set forward in clear, concise, ‘student friendly’ language based on nationally recognized standards for first-grade mathematics. Written by Sara Pistoia (an experienced classroom teacher), each volume is enhanced with full-color photos accessibly illustrating intangible concepts. Of special note is the inclusion of a series mascot — Math Mutt — who provides young students with tips and encouragement as they tackle the diverse exercises designed to provide a fundamental understanding of basic applied math. Invaluable as classroom curriculum texts, the titles comprising this series are ideal for homeschooling instructional programs as well.

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