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A noteworthy review of Our Galaxy and Beyond from Children's Bookwatch on September 1, 2005

‘Our Galaxy And Beyond’ is a superbly produced series of ten books focused on the planets of our solar system. These visually impressive titles are superbly illustrated with astronomical photography illuminating a text featuring the most recent information science has to offer. Young elementary school readers are provided with a history of spaces as seen through the efforts of early astronomers, as well as the experiences of contemporary NASA missions. A thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ text nicely lays out current theories on the formation of the solar system, the composition of the Sun, and identifying features of each of the nine planets that comprise our astronomical neighborhood. Each of these 32-page titles feature a reinforced library binding, a table of contents, informative sidebars, a glossary of key words and phrases, an index, sources for further research (including websites) and ‘fast facts’ for reference. This series is an important, core addition to any school or community library Science and Astronomy reference section and ideal as curriculum supplement material for homeschooling as well!

—Sharon Stuart

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