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A noteworthy review of Welcome to the U.S.A. from School Library Journal on January 1, 2006

These bright and inviting volumes are jam-packed with useful information for report writers and browsers alike. Each title highlights destinations that a visitor to the state might explore. A spread is devoted to each location. One page generally includes a photo and provides facts about the state, history, and the area being discussed. The other page pinpoints the location on a colorful state map. Fun details and quick facts are scattered across both pages. State symbols, state songs, a list of famous people, and links to more information are appended. A box entitled ‘Our Trip’ reminds readers that there is much more to explore in each state. While these books do not include the in-depth history found in many series titles, they are full of many of the basics and do a good job of bringing the states to life.

—Deanna Romriell

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