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A noteworthy review of Extreme Sports from Booklist on January 1, 2012

Thrills, anyone? The Extreme Sports series looks at athletics for the very few. Barefoot Waterskiing is for those who have mastered regular waterskiing and are looking for a way to make it even more difficult. The book explains the history of the sport, how it’s done, and the required safety measures and introduces some of the people who have made their mark in this little-known activity. The letters in BASE Jumping stand for building, antenna, span (bridges), and earth (mountains), all the places from which a jumper will take off. What started as an illegal activity for thrill seekers (and still is in many cases) now centers on groups that will legally facilitate jumps. Obviously extremely dangerous, jumping demands care and good equipment. Kelley refers to participants several times as ‘brave’ though ‘fearless’ might be more like it. Bungee Jumping is one of the more familiar extreme sports. Instead of just jumping from expected sites like bridges, participants jump from hot-air balloons, towers, and helicopters. The book also discusses gear and ‘how-to.’ What is Stand-up Paddleboarding? A blend of surfing and kayaking, it’s a sport that takes a lot balance and owes its popularity to the fact it works as well on rivers and lakes as on oceans. Equipment and how-to are emphasized here. This series is notable for its attractive yet never-overpowering design, cool photos, and fun take on fascinating subjects. Brief glossaries and directions to further info are appended. Also recommended from this series: Freestyle Skiing (9781609732103). Hang Gliding (9781609732080). Scuba Diving (9781609731823). Skydiving (9781609732110).

—Ilene Cooper

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