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A noteworthy review of Amazing Sports Records from School Library Journal on April 1, 2013

Cover: Amazing Auto Racing Records

Each book begins with a brief history of its featured competition or sport before launching into a random selection of feats. For example, Olympic highlights the ‘Oldest Olympic Swimming Medalists’ (Dara Torres and William Robinson) as well as ‘Most Summer Olympic Medals’ (Michael Phelps). Numerous competitors are given sufficient attention; report writers will appreciate this set over Raintree’s all-too brief ‘Fantastic Sports Facts.’ Large, attractive, captioned, color and black-and-white photographs and reproductions are surrounded by sidebars of trivia on each spread. Even though the nature of the set’s content will quickly date it (records are broken all the time), this series could be used to prompt conversation and/or further research. Select individual titles for sports that need representation in a collection.

—Blair Christolon

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Amazing Auto Racing Records 5.2
Amazing Baseball Records 5.3
Amazing Basketball Records 4.9
Amazing Football Records 5.0
Amazing Hockey Records 5.2
Amazing Olympic Records 5.5

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