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A noteworthy review of The World of Mammals from School Library Journal on March 1, 2006

Cover: Baboons

The physical and behavioral qualities of these creatures are examined along with their habitats, natural histories, and struggles for survival. Each animal’s life is discussed from birth and growth to maturity and death. Statistics and information are provided on the challenges they face as humankind’s incursion into their living spaces and resources becomes more pronounced. Lockwood’s dynamic and engaging style and intriguing insight in Baboons make that book shine. All of the books include ‘Would You Believe?’ boxes and clear, bright photographs, many of them close-ups. However, a number in Tigers are sensational or cute rather than informative. In addition, the population map in each volume is somewhat difficult to read. Nonetheless, these titles will give children solid information for reports.

—Nancy Call

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Baboons 5.2

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