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A noteworthy review of Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations from School Library Journal on May 1, 2006

Heinrichs briefly explains the history behind these traditionally Mexican celebrations and the sights to see in the country during the festivities. Both books contain eight two-page chapters with colorful, inviting illustrations. Spanish words and rhymes with pronunciation help are found throughout. Cinco de Mayo covers the origins of this national holiday and the traditional costumes, foods, and activities that mark the day. While the text notes, ‘A pinata is shaped like an animal,’ a pinata can also be a cartoon character, a star, or shaped like a fruit, as the accompanying illustration confirms. In Dia de los Muertos the difference between Halloween, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day is touched upon. Both the text and the depictions of smiling skeletons and people make it clear that this is a joyful holiday. Each title contains two related craft and/or cooking activities. Purchase where demand warrants or to freshen up collections.

—Sandra Welzenbach

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