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A noteworthy review of Life in Water Biomes from Children's Bookwatch on October 1, 2014

Cover: Life in Freshwater Lakes

‘Life In Freshwater Lakes’ is an intriguing educational book from the Life In Water Biomes series for elementary students. Beginning with chapters on the formation and definition of freshwater lakes, this colorfully illustrated text goes on to explore different lake levels, shorelines, open water, lake trout, the dark depths, and the lake food chain, which is described as ‘the way that plants and animals work together in a habitat.’ An example of a lake food chain shows a series of bubble pictures of a carp, leading to mayflies, connecting to plankton, linking to algae, which is linked to sunlight. A glossary and bibliography including web sites completes the text of ‘Life In Freshwater Lakes,’ an appealing survey of the biome media. Additional titles from the Life In Water Biomes series that are also highly recommended include: ‘Life In Rivers’ (9781626872998, $27.07), by Mirella S. Miller, ‘Life In Ponds’ (9781626872981, $27.07), by Lauren Coss, ‘Life In Oceans’ (9781626872974, $27.07), by Lauren Coss, ‘Life In Freshwater Marshes’ (9781626872967, $27.07), by Mirella S. Miller, and ‘Life In Estuaries’ (9781626872943, $27.07), by Lauren Coss.

—James A. Cox

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