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A noteworthy review of Habitats from Library Media Connection on November 1, 2014

Cover: Ocean Habitats

Readers learn about different habitats in chapters with manageable amounts of information. The information is succinct and flows well from one topic to the next. There are smaller boxes dispersed throughout the text, which contain quick bits of additional information on the habitats being explored. Crisp captioned photographs fill one side of the page. Each book begins with a general definition about the habitat, and then readers discover where the habitats exist. General details about what the habitats look like, and a specific animal that lives within each habitat, follows. Chapters on the habitat’s weather and plants are included. The book ends with potential threats. The series offers a nice balance between images and text. Glossary. Websites. Tables of Contents. Index.

—Eileen Wright

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Ocean Habitats 3.8
Prairie Habitats 3.6
Desert Habitats 3.9
Forest Habitats 3.7
Rain Forest Habitats 3.7
Underground Habitats 3.7

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