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A noteworthy review of The Great Outdoors from Booklist on November 1, 2014

Cover: Fishing

The Great Outdoors series does a solid job of introducing and explaining various outdoor activities, including the equipment required for a satisfying experience. Each activity gets the most positive spin; if there are controversies around a particular sport, like hunting, they are not mentioned. Fishing discusses not only the various types of fishing and where they take place but also goes into detail about poles, lures, and competitive fishing. Hiking explains the value of nature walks as well as some of the dangers one might encounter. Particularly helpful is the information on how shoes and socks can affect the hiking experience. Hunting is shown as an exciting sport that gets enthusiasts closer to nature. Various types of guns and bows and arrows are introduced. There is one odd statement: ‘In South Africa, people hunt elephants, lions, and giraffes.’ It’s unclear whether the author means the country or southern Africa; also the legality of shooting big game varies from place to place. Kayaking goes into detail about the vessel itself, the various watery venues for kayaking, and ways to enhance the experience. All the books feature clean designs with plenty of photographs. Safety is emphasized in each upbeat volume.

—Ilene Cooper

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Fishing 3.9
Hiking 3.9
Hunting 3.9
Kayaking 4.0

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