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A noteworthy review of Gross Jobs from Booklist on March 10, 2015

Cover: Portable Toilet Cleaner

The Gross Jobs series has looked at occupations as diverse as pig farmer and sewer inspector, but this is one that will have readers yelling, well, ‘gross!’ The text, however, is matter-of-fact. People need bathrooms, and sometimes, as in the case of construction workers or festival goers, they need to be outside. Workers take the cleaning job for various reasons—decent wages, a desire to keep things clean—but spend their days doing a lot more. They’re answering phones, driving to jobs, and distributing and fixing toilets. The book then gets into the nitty-gritty of how the cleaning job is done. A history of portable toilets and ways to ‘overcome problems’ are also included. In spite of abundant color photos of toilets, the no- nonsense text and crisp design may keep giggles to a minimum.

—Ilene CXooper

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Portable Toilet Cleaner 3.7

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