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Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Poetry Party from School Library Connection on November 1, 2015

Cover: Acrostic Poems

Cinquain, concrete, limerick, and several more forms of poetry are introduced to young readers in this series. Each book asks ‘What is Poetry?’ and the volumes define poetry as it pertains to the featured type. Rhyme and rhythm are mentioned in every book since they are so important to poetry, but each book discusses them in relevant context. Original poems and color photographs and illustrations help readers understand each form. Each book includes ‘Tips for Young Poets’ that provides suggestions on writing poetry, which will be helpful to both students and teachers. Some of the books also touch briefly on advanced forms of poetry such as epic poems and sonnets. Libraries will find that the series will greatly enhance their poetry and young writer’s section. Bibliography. Glossary. Websites.

—Lisa Castellano

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Acrostic Poems 3.6
Cinquain Poems 4.0
Concrete Poems 4.0
Prose Poems 4.0
Haikus 3.9
Limericks 3.7
Rhyming Poems 3.8
Narrative Poems 4.1

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