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A noteworthy review of Long and Short Vowels from Booklist on October 1, 2015

Cover: Smiles: The Sound of Long I

Part of the Long and Short Vowels series, this teaches kids different words that produce this titular sound by integrating them into a single, simple sentence: for example, ‘I smile when I ride my bike.’ Implementing the philosophy that children learn better through pattern recognition than rules, the text gives readers ample opportunities to observe the long I in action. Photos of happy, multicultural children illustrate each sentence’s meaning, and a list of all the long-I words used are collected at the book’s end. New readers might have benefited from having key words highlighted within the sentences, or, at the very least, a quick description of the long-I sound at the book’s outset, but each page holds plenty of chances to practice this long vowel sound.

—Julia Smith

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