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A noteworthy review of On the Hunt with Animal Predators from Children's Bookwatch on March 1, 2016

Cover: On the Hunt with Hyenas

‘On The Hunt With Hyenas’ is an exciting, accurate, photo -illustrated nonfiction, hard bound library volume from the series, On the Hunt With Animal Predators, for children age 6 and up. Illustrated with many stunning color photographs of hyena cubs and their mothers, in packs in their territories throughout Africa. Chapters quickly unfold on the hyenas’ methods of hunting, hyenas’ physical adaptation for hunting, the clans of the spotted hyenas, and spotted hyena cubs. Finishing ‘On the Hunt With Hyenas’ is a Glossary, To Learn More section listing books and websites, and a Selected Bibliography. ‘On the Hunt With Hyenas’ is an excellent resource for young naturalists, with added impetus to further investigate the life habits and hunting profiles of these powerful predators. Also highly recommended, further volumes in the On the Hunt With Animal Predators Series include the following: ‘On the Hunt With Great White Sharks’ (9781634074513, $27.07), ‘On the Hunt With Grizzly Bears’ (9781634074520, $27.07), ‘On the Hunt With African Lions’ (9781634074476, $27.07), ‘On the Hunt With Black Mambas’ (978163407448,$27.07), ‘On the Hunt With Gray Wolves’ (9781634074506, $27.07), ‘On the Hunt With Crocodiles’ (9781634074490, $27.07), and ‘On the Hunt With Komodo Dragons’ (9781634074544, $27.07).

—James A. Cox

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