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A noteworthy review of Inside Look at Sports Events from Booklist on June 1, 2016

Cover: Inside the Daytona 500

Rather than presenting the facts historically or analytically, each volume in the Inside Look at Sports Events series leads off with a two-page informational section in a Q&A format, and then offers five narrative chapters, each from a different point of view. The result is a book that complements more traditional treatments of the subject while engaging superfans as well as newbies to each sport. Source notes are provided for the many quotes from participants. Daytona 500 features 20-year-old Trevor Bayne as the youngest winner of the race, in 2011, and Kim Lopez as the first woman and the first Hispanic chief starter, in 2015. NBA Finals offers Michael Jordan’s ’Player’s Perspective’ about the Bulls’ 1991 NBA Finals win and an ’Owner’s Perspective’ from Mark Cuban on the Mavericks’ 2006 and 2011 Finals games. In Super Bowl, ‘The Fans’ Perspective’ profiles several people who have attended every Super Bowl, while ‘A Referee’s Perspective’ introduces a ref who officiated the Super Bowl in 2012. World Cup opens with ‘The Team’s Perspective,’ which focuses on the Timor-Leste’s first regional match wins, in 2015. ‘A Country’s Perspective’ discusses football culture in Brazil. Many color photos, including action scenes, illustrate the text. Using a narrative approach and multiple perspectives, this appealing series offers a different slant on championships and other major sporting events.

—Carolyn Phelan

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Inside the Daytona 500 4.4
Inside the NBA Finals 4.6
Inside the Super Bowl 4.7
Inside the World Cup 4.7

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