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A noteworthy review of Understanding the Basics from School Library Journal on April 1, 2018

Cover: How to Read a Map

These guides develop skill sets that are easily transferable to schoolwork, home life, and future jobs. In Calendars and Clocks, digital takes a backseat to analog for a truly introductory lesson about units of time using a familiar clockface with three hands. The back-to-basics focus covers a great deal of terminology, and the individual authors are consistent in offering a rigorous level of detail. Nutrition Labels, for example, not only explains what protein, calcium, fat, and carbs are, but matches photos of common food sources and how the body uses them to best advantage. Scratch Computer Code will walk junior techies through step-by-step screenshots of sprites and blocks. Color-coded vocabulary in text matches glossary colors, and readers are quizzed at the end as a self-check for understanding. VERDICT Interdisciplinary and timeless enough to ensure a long shelf life. A fine addition to early nonfiction collections.

—Vicki Reutter

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How to Read a Map
How to Read a Nonfiction Book
How to Read a Recipe
How to Read Graphs
How to Read Measurements
How to Read Nutrition Labels
How to Read Scratch Computer Code
How to Read Calendars and Clocks

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