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A noteworthy review of Exploring Trade Jobs from Booklist on April 1, 2020

Cover: Veterinary Technicians on the Job

Vet techs are to veterinarians what nurses are to doctors, and animal lovers would do well to consider this career option. Readers are greeted with a page of fast facts that break down the job’s duties, educational requirements, salary, and potential for growth. The ensuing chapters present fictional day-in-the-life accounts of different vet techs at work, folding into each scenario many factual aspects of the job, such as preparing animals for surgery, administering medicine, helping to calm scared or nervous pets, and even euthanizing animals when necessary. The book’s frequent animal photos and narrative text result in an interesting and accessible resource. Part of the Exploring Trade Jobs series (12 titles), this cleanly designed, well-organized guide allows readers to experience the challenges and rewards of working as a vet tech.

—Julia Smith

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Veterinary Technicians on the Job 4.5

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