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A noteworthy review of Looking at Layers from Children's Bookwatch on May 1, 2020

Cover: Looking Inside Earth

‘Looking at Layers’ is a new eight volume set of science books ($159.60 S&L) for young readers ages 7-10. This outstanding set is comprised of: Looking Inside Earth; Looking Inside The Human Body; Looking Into Caves; Looking Into Soil; Looking Into The Grand Canyon; Looking Into The Atmosphere; Looking Into The Ocean; Looking Into The Rain Forest. Each 24 page volume features a table of contents, captioned illustrations, sidebars, a glossary, a fast facts section, sources for further research, and thematically appropriate web sites. Highly recommended for elementary school, middle school, and community Library Science collections for young readers, it should be noted that each volume is also readily available individually ($19.95 each).

—James A. Cox

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Looking Inside Earth 4.4
Looking Inside the Human Body 3.9
Looking Into Caves 3.8
Looking Into Soil 4.0
Looking Into the Atmosphere 4.9
Looking Into the Grand Canyon 4.8
Looking Into the Ocean 4.2
Looking Into the Rain Forest 4.0

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