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A noteworthy review of The World of Insects from Booklist on October 15, 2007

Cover: Beetles

By some estimates, beetles make up as much as one-third of all animals on Earth, but their low profile-at least since the days of Egyptian scarabs-means that most children do not know much about them. Lockwood’s entry in the World of Insects series will move readers a few scuttles closer to appreciating these adaptable insects. Streamlined spreads providing information about life cycle, body structure, and classification are followed by discussions of beetle diversity and human attitudes toward the insects. A lively writer, Lockwood occasionally reaches too far for unnecessary, punch humor; after explaining ancient remedies using beetles, she notes, ‘There is not proof that taking two beetles for any disease will do anything but provide a stomachache.’ Although the photos, which show mostly humble black and brown critters, don’t represent the full, vibrant range of beetle coloration, kids wild about creepy crawlies will appreciate the pictures’ crispness and generous size. A glossary, a video listing, a list of further readings, and a link to a publisher-maintained selection of Web sites conclude.

—Jennifer Mattson

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