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A noteworthy review of Our Cultural Heritage from Children's Literature on November 1, 2002

People coming to America as immigrants have been confronted by both opportunities and prejudice. In the case of Japanese immigrants, the barriers constructed to delimit both their ability to physically enter the United States as well as the legal strictures imposed upon them were daunting. Immigration quotas aimed specifically at Japanese travelers and the tragic relocation of Japanese-Americans into internment camps during World War II are prime examples of how discriminatory government policy has been in regards to these proud people. Yet, despite these and other barriers, Japanese-Americans have established themselves as a vital force in American society. It is this story of Japanese immigration to America that is presented to readers in this illustrated book. In thirty pages, author Melissa McDaniel provides an informative and touching summation of the experiences that Japanese immigrants have encountered in their adopted homeland. In the long run, Japanese-Americans have overcome the harshness that often confronted them as they tried to carve out a life in the United States. Their story is one filled with dignity and is ably told in this well written and concise book.

—Greg M. Romaneck

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