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A noteworthy review of Above the Rim from Booklist on April 1, 2008

This entry in the Above the Rim series briefly traces the history of basketball’s Central Division, offering a few highlights from each franchise’s history before assessing the team’s current state (which, given the fast-changing world of professional sports, means that the information will probably date quickly). While a large chunk of the historical run-through consists of dry win-loss records and per-game averages, a handful of lesser-known and insightful bits of information add color to the commentary. The Central Division lays claim to perhaps the greatest player of all time (Michael Jordan); one of the most storied and winnings franchises (the Detroit Pistons); and one of today’s most promising stars (Lebron James), so it wouldn’t be surprising if this volume gets the most mileage of the series’ six books. A glossary, time line, and ‘Stat Stuff’ will help report writers, while the full-color photos from all eras of basketball will spark interest in the game beyond its current incarnation.

—Ian Chipman

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