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A noteworthy review of Pet Care for Kids from School Library Journal on April 1, 2009

As stated at the beginning of each book, this series is written for children who are not ready to take care of a pet independently and need help deciding which species to get; the content is written accordingly. After a brief introduction, the books break down the needs of each animal. Stevens does a good job of focusing on what children can do as responsible owners: simple grooming, playing, and being aware of dangers to avoid, for example. Several volumes are personalized by a photograph of a particular pet, whose age is given. Besides offering a variety of animals to choose from, the books each emphasize lifespan, since this is something which will inevitably impact children. The pages have a file-folder look to them, which supports the experience of researching the perfect companion. Liberal use of color photographs highlights not only the animals but some of their accoutrements (shells for hermit crabs, leashes for dogs). The creature’s body parts are featured at the back in a ‘Fun Facts’ section. A good series for families to share as they contemplate bringing an animal home.

—Kara Schaff Dean

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