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Children's Literature (Denise Daley)

Weighing more than 13 billion pounds, the Hoover dam is the heaviest concrete structure ever made. Of course, building such a massive structure was not easy. Besides controlling the waters of the Colorado River, the dam also produces electricity that provides power to people in the states… View →


Parent Council, Ltd. (A. Braga)

I visited Hoover Dam many years ago and it is truly impressive. This book introduces the reader to the magnitude of the dam by means of an interesting factual text and excellent photographs. Part of the ‘American History’ series. View →


Children's Literature (Pamela Turner)

This volume from the ‘Naturebook’ series presents facts about sharks for young readers. Each short chapter (1 to 2 pages of text) has a simple, conversational title—Meet the Shark!, What Do Sharks Look Like?, Are There Different Kinds of Sharks? Other chapters discuss whether sharks are… View →


Children's Literature (Jane Harrington)

This early research tool—like the others in the ‘Naturebooks’ series—does a terrific job of presenting science information to young readers. Complete with table of contents, glossary, index and website list, this book showcases an array of fascinating photographs by a number of… View →


Parent Council, Ltd. (N. Robertson)

Action photographs help showcase superstar Rebecca Lobo. With women’s basketball coming into its own, this is an inspiring story of facing the odds and rising to the top as an Olympic star. View →


Parent Council, Ltd. (N. Robertson)

This in-depth look at Tiger Woods, the golfing prodigy turned professional, highlights his sports accomplishments as well as his desire to teach and inspire others. View →


Parent Council, Ltd. (N. Robertson)

An inspiring book about the Williams sisters from their humble beginnings to their triumphs as superstar tennis players. Lots of full color photos can motivate young athletes. View →


Children's Literature (Carolyn Phelan)

Small children who are fascinated with big trucks will find the Machines at Work series right up their alley. One subset within the series looks at farm machinery such as tractors and milking machines, while another examines other machinery often seen on the highway or on city streets… View →

Cover: Word Bird's Winter Words

A noteworthy review of New Word Bird Library from Heritage Elementary School/Colorado on January 1, 2001

Bold words and very colorful pictures. This title is great for early readers. It has a good review of words throughout the book with pictures in circles at the end of the book and the numbered pages are very useful. View →


Clark County School District (Jessica Coates)

Easy reading, informative text and amazing full-color photo-illustrations provide a superb introduction to the mosquito. View →


Clark County School District (Agnes Meyer)

Forty percent of all Americans have had at least one relative come through Ellis Island as they came to America from another country. It was the screening site for immigrants who had crossed the Atlantic to build their lives in the United States. Designated a National Park in 1965, it was… View →


Clark County School District (KarryLu Carpenter)

This book gives a good overview of different things connected with Easter. The format of a full page photograph with an explanation on the opposite page is very attractive. The photographs are bright, colorful and clear. Students will love the close-ups of the bunnies. They might be tempted… View →