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The Child’s World ‘Journey to Freedom’ series deserves ongoing mention as a series which will have lasting value long after its publication – it provides historical biographies about black heritage for elementary to middle school social studies classes, offering a glossary, index, and… View →


Tuscon Unified School District (Betty Liverman, Fruchthendler)

This volume of the Faces and Places series covers the basic facts about Italy. There are some good colored photographs and useful maps. It has a nice format providing a topic at the beginning of each page. The vocabulary is simple; there are a glossary, index, and pronunciation guide for… View →


Tuscon Unified School District (Betty Liverman, Fruchthendler)

‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure,’ a quote from General Colin Powell. Clearly this imposing General has walked the walk! Powell’s parents were immigrants from Jamaica. Always interested in education, they were determined… View →


New presentations in several series make for recommended library picks…. Hal Rogers’ ‘Big Machines at Work’ series includes Cherry Pickers, Rescue Helicopters, and Graders, pairing simple words with color photos. All are attention-grabbing presentations for Grade 1 levels. View →


With simple text and excellent illustrations, this book describes our Independence Day holiday and its characteristic colorful flashes of light known as fireworks. The beginning chapter sets the tone and following chapters identify the holiday’s meaning, how the holiday began, and how it is… View →


Examines the life and accomplishments of the African American writer, performer, and teacher, as well as her impact on literature and black culture.This 40-page biography examines the life of Maya Angelou from her early years, her struggles to survive and her involvement in the Civil Rights… View →


Good source of information on Italy for intermediate readers. This source includes information about the people, history, food and holidays in Italy. Colorful photos accompany each page. Common Italian words, a glossary and index are included. Good source of information. Excellent. View →


Benjamin Banneker was a self-taught man whom historians consider a genius. Recognized as a bright young boy, Benjamin was allowed to attend school with white children. Because he was extremely interested in science and in making things by hand, historians speculate that he may have designed… View →


These sturdy book are made for boys’ hands. Each depicts one ‘big’ machine with several colored photographs with simple text. Unusual and specific words are in bold and listed in the glossary at the end of the book. All books offer a ‘climb aboard’ page showing the inside of the machine… View →


Cardinals are very striking birds. This appealing book features brillant and close-up full-page photographs with large, easy-to-read text. Interesting information about cardinals is given. Includes a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. View →


Budding golfers will be interested in this appealing look at David Duval and the world of pro golf. This book highlights stages in Duval’s career on his way to becoming the biggest money winner in the PGA. Inspiring and easy to read, this will be a great gift for kids. View →


This series defines different jobs throughout the community. Pictures used in the books are of people in the workplace. Each book includes a glossary and index. Terms in the glossary are highlighted throughout the book. The books give the reader a sense of real ‘hands-on’ experience. Great… View →