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New presentations in several series make for recommended library picks…. Hal Rogers’ ‘Big Machines at Work’ series includes Cherry Pickers, Rescue Helicopters, and Graders, pairing simple words with color photos. All are attention-grabbing presentations for Grade 1 levels. View →


With simple text and excellent illustrations, this book describes our Independence Day holiday and its characteristic colorful flashes of light known as fireworks. The beginning chapter sets the tone and following chapters identify the holiday’s meaning, how the holiday began, and how it is… View →


Good source of information on Italy for intermediate readers. This source includes information about the people, history, food and holidays in Italy. Colorful photos accompany each page. Common Italian words, a glossary and index are included. Good source of information. Excellent. View →


Examines the life and accomplishments of the African American writer, performer, and teacher, as well as her impact on literature and black culture.This 40-page biography examines the life of Maya Angelou from her early years, her struggles to survive and her involvement in the Civil Rights… View →


Benjamin Banneker was a self-taught man whom historians consider a genius. Recognized as a bright young boy, Benjamin was allowed to attend school with white children. Because he was extremely interested in science and in making things by hand, historians speculate that he may have designed… View →


Beginning readers will surely be attracted to this series by the colorful photographs illustrating the text and by the empowering thrill of starting to read. Children are introduced to one new sound for each book (short a, long e, th, etc.). Using the simple text, context clues, the… View →


Here’s everything you need to know about a great American holiday without a lot of extra details. The color close-up photos of the turkeys are delightful! Lots of helpful information and new vocabulary make this book a wonderful addition to any library. View →


I loved this timely, interesting, and informative series. The books are great for gifts or for classroom use. View →


Young children are often fascinated by emergency vehicles. With bright photographs and simple explanatory sentences, this series offers a meticulous examination of rescue machines. The sections ‘Climb Aboard’ and ‘Up Close,’ plus a glossary offer more detailed information for the curious… View →


This appealing series features brilliant close-up full-page photographs and large easy-to-read text. Each title includes a table of contents, glossary and an index. Animals lovers will enjoy collecting this handsome series. View →


If you want to entice a young football player (or athlete) to read, this book will probably work. With lots of football statistics, this easy-to-read story chronicles John Elway’s trip to the Super Bowl and stardom. ‘Jocks’ (and fans) of all ages will enjoy this one. Good gift idea. View →


Here’s an interesting look at the life and accomplishments of Jeff Gordon, the winner of three NASCAR Winston Cup Series championships. Jeff began racing at the age of five when he got his first go-kart. This book includes a glossary of racing terms and an interesting time-line of Jeff… View →