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This series of books is delightful and fun to read (or to just look at for the pictures). The set would make a super gift for your favorite teacher! I especially liked the glossary and big, easy-to-read print. These are keepers! View →


Celebrate ‘the Fourth’ with this informative look at how the Fourth of July originated. This little book provides a lot of information, beginning at the birth of our nation and ending with a lesson on safe fireworks. Full of color photos and historical data, this book is an excellent… View →


This series defines different jobs throughout the community. Pictures used in the books are of people in the workplace. Each book includes a glossary and index. Terms in the glossary are highlighted throughout the book. The books give the reader a sense of real ‘hands-on’ experience. Great… View →


Budding golfers will be interested in this appealing look at David Duval and the world of pro golf. This book highlights stages in Duval’s career on his way to becoming the biggest money winner in the PGA. Inspiring and easy to read, this will be a great gift for kids. View →


Cardinals are very striking birds. This appealing book features brillant and close-up full-page photographs with large, easy-to-read text. Interesting information about cardinals is given. Includes a table of contents, a glossary, and an index. View →


These sturdy book are made for boys’ hands. Each depicts one ‘big’ machine with several colored photographs with simple text. Unusual and specific words are in bold and listed in the glossary at the end of the book. All books offer a ‘climb aboard’ page showing the inside of the machine… View →


Each volume in this series uses what, why, and how questions to explore the wonders of each animal behavior or characteristic. A brief explanation of the topic begins each title, followed by examples drawn from a variety of animals. The large, colorful photographs provide excellent visual… View →


This colorful, well-designed series poses common questions about the topic, and then offers answers in clear, simple text. The scientific reasons for the phenomena and real-life examples give the reader ample information without being overly technical. Each question and answer is… View →


School Library Journal (Elaine Lesh Morgan)

Maupin discusses the life of Banneker from his birth in 1731 to his death in 1806. She relates incidents from his childhood and describes his many achievements as a scientist, architect, mathematician, astronomer, and promoter of human equality. Andrea Pinkney’s picture book, Dear Benjamin… View →


Easter Bunnies by Patrick Merrick is part of the ‘holiday symbols’ series and surveys the image of the bunny as it relates to the season. Light Easter facts about the bunny and it’s legend are accompanied by color photos. View →


Two ‘Naturebooks’ series titles provide young picturebook readers with a little over 30 pages each of basic facts. Kids in grades 3-5 will find this series appealing, with bright photos supplementing large print explanations of each creature. Loons and Rabbits each provide facts about… View →


Addressing topics from Mexico’s pre-Columbian pyramids and palaces to its many dishes, colorful holidays, and variety of plants and animals, this is a simple introduction to the geography, history, people, and customs of our southern neighbor. Numerous full- and Half-page color photos and a… View →