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Use this page to find reviews related to a specific book published by The Child's World. Simply enter the Product Name or ISBN and press "Search".

This simple introduction to the mechanics of modern garbage trucks will keep very young truck lovers happy. View →


School Library Journal (Susan Knell)

Each of these photo-essays has a simple text in large typeface with occasional cartoons or small photos opposite a full-page color photograph. The books are informative and factual; unfamiliar words are bolded and defined in the appended glossaries. Movie Theater takes readers behind the… View →


School Library Journal (Denise Brna)

These titles present basic information on holiday symbols. Easter Bunnies explains how the rabbit came to be associated with this season and introduces various traditions related to it. Religion is mentioned, but is not the book’s focus. The author also notes the importance of taking… View →


Kids in grades 2-6 will relish a set of geography titles which examine contemporary countries and cultures. Each book is packed with color photos supplementing statistics and fats with 23 pages of detail in each – perfect for grade 3 reading levels. Newly arrived – Mary Berendes’ Germany… View →


Booklist (Carolyn Phelan)

Ages 3-5. Small children who are fascinated with big trucks will find the Machines at Work series right up their alley. One subset within the series looks at farm machinery such as tractors and milking machines, while another examines other machinery often seen on the highway or on city… View →


School Library Journal (Kit Vaughan)

These two simple stories reinforce the use of targeted sounds through repetition. Each spread features a simple sentence in large type that contains the sound, e.g., ‘Shelly needed new shoes’ or ‘There is a fox in the box .’ In both books, clear, uncluttered photographs of young children… View →


This publisher’s many bright series titles will appeal to grade 1 reading levels, providing bright covers and equally bright photo-enhanced coverages. Their ‘Big Machines at Work’ and ‘Rescue Machines at Work’ series will delight many with the 24 pages of color photos supplemented by simple… View →


Phonics books in the ‘This and That’ series provide excellent individual sound coverage based on phonics principles for preschoolers though grade 2. Each includes a glossary of key words and phrases and a focus which covers 24 vowel and consonants, providing engaging story lines. Some of… View →


This publisher’s bright nature books are also especially appealing picks for youngsters seeking simple report material – each book features one animal and provides 32 pages of color photos mixed with basic facts. Grades 2-6 will appreciate Moose, Bears, Cardinals, Wolves, Jays, Robins… View →


This well-organized, attractive book describes the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and life cycle of the toucan. The text is straightforward and easy to read. Significant words are printed in bold face and defined in the glossary. Full-page captioned color photographs on… View →


Excellent book uses a question and answer format to provide information about the causes of droughts, where they occur, their characteristics and the effects they produce. Gives good background knowledge of forces that cause weather changes and the results. Each double-page spread, covering… View →


A brief introduction to the wetlands covers their appearance, location, and plants and animals that live there. Discusses ‘Why wetlands are important?’ and ‘Are wetlands in danger?’ Includes a page of readable text opposite a good full color photograph. Word in boldfaced type are defined in… View →