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MANKATO, Minnesota. September 14, 2012 — The Child’s World, a family-owned company that has been publishing books for schools and libraries since 1968, is pleased to announce a new series of books entitled Simple Economics. This full-color series introduces the basics of economics through eight engaging stories about two children and their experiences with their business: a lemonade stand.

“Information about banks and bailouts, the national debt, and the stock market are all in the news everyday,” said Kris Peterson of The Child’s World. “We are extremely proud to introduce the Simple Economics series to give educators and parents valuable resources to help children make sense of basic economic principals, how the economy works, and why it is so important to our lives. Our children will grow up to be the next leaders of our cities, counties, and country. This series provides important information readers will use throughout their lives as citizens and consumers.”

In a recent survey completed by the National Council on Economic Education, two out of three high school students were unable to pass a test on basic economic principles or balance a checkbook. By teaching economics in contexts children can relate to such as selling lemonade, spending, borrowing and saving money, young people can realize the impact economics has on our society.

The Simple Economics series includes eight titles: Banking, Bartering, Managing Money, Payment Methods, Supply and Demand, Taxes, The History of Money, and The Stock Market. Each 24-page book is written at a 3rd grade reading level and is appropriate for children in grades 2-5. This series addresses basic economic principals through the stories of two characters, Mia and Tomas. Informative sidebars, a glossary of key words and sources for further research are also included to enable extended learning experiences.

The Simple Economics series is available now at

The Child’s World is an independent family-owned company that has been publishing books for schools and libraries since 1968.

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