"Customer service emailed me right away to say that only 19 books were on AR so that I could order one more to get the free tests. I really appreciated this and will order again from this company."
—Judy Westcott/East Elementary School, Cheboygan Area Schools

Video: Great Escapes in History

Throughout history, people have had to make daring and high-stake escapes from danger, emergencies, and life-or-death situations. Each title offers readers a look into historical events that made people think quickly and act boldly in order to survive. The fascinating, true stories in this series come to life through compelling details and vivid photographs. Additional features include informative infographics, critical-thinking questions, a phonetic glossary, a selected bibliography, an index, and sources for further research. Readers of this series will be captivated by the heroic and adventurous people who had to escape real-life deadly circumstances.

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