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Spring '20 Language Arts

Vowel Blends

Developed by a team of renowned experts and described by critics as 'leading the field,' these charming books entice emergent readers to learn vowel blends by incorporating full-color… More →

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Spring '20 Language Arts

Foreign Language Basics

Learn fun and useful words and phrases in different languages! Each book in the Foreign Language Basics series includes words and phrases in a language other than English, as well as the… More →

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Spring '20 Life Sciences

Comparing Animal Differences

Is that a llama or an alpaca? An alligator or a crocodile? The animal kingdom is full of creatures of all shapes and sizes, but occasionally there will be two that are seemingly identical… More →

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Continents of the World

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and our Continents of the World series lets young readers explore all sorts of exotic places! Brilliant color photographs, maps, and… More →

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High Interest

Major League Baseball Teams

The Major League Baseball Teams series is a photo-packed trip through America's national pastime. Each volume in this exciting series covers a particular pro team, featuring the top players… More →

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