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Fall '18 Language Arts

Jane Belk Moncure's Sound Box Books

Jane Belk Moncure's acclaimed Sound Box Books have been an educational standard for nearly 35 years. We've updated and enhanced this beloved series to meet current educational standards and… More →

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Fall '18 Natural Sciences

Continents of the World

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and our Continents of the World series lets young readers explore all sorts of exotic places! Brilliant color photographs, maps, and… More →

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Spring '19 High Interest

Major League Baseball Teams

The Major League Baseball Teams series is a photo-packed trip through America's national pastime. Each volume in this exciting series covers a particular pro team, featuring the top players… More →

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Spring '19 Language Arts

Rhyming Word Families

Rhyming is a foundational literacy skill. Through simple, engaging text, our Rhyming Word Families series introduces common letter groupings and repeats them throughout a silly story. This… More →

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Fall '18 Natural Sciences

Oceans of the World

The world's oceans cover more than 70 percent of Earth's surface. But how much do children really know about our planet's main bodies of water? Oceans of the World gives readers the basics on… More →

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Spring '19 STEM

Nature Cycles

How do plants make oxygen? Why do the seasons change? How are different types of rocks created? In this series, readers will learn about the various cycles that happen on Earth. Each book… More →

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Fall '18 STEM

Science Experiments in the Kitchen

Is it possible to bounce a raw egg without breaking it? Can something act like both a solid and a liquid? Engage readers in key science concepts using easy and fun science experiments that… More →

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Fall '18 Social Studies

Events That Changed America

America's history is rich with triumphs and tragedies. Topics ranging from the Civil Rights Movement to the historic moon landing will leave readers with a greater sense of how today's… More →

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Spring '19 Natural Sciences

All about Maps

In the age of GPS and navigation services, kids have less exposure to traditional maps. This series breaks down different types of maps, how to read them, and how to understand them. Built… More →

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Fall '18 High Interest

5 Steps to Drawing

Now drawing can be informative as well as fun! Each book in our 5 Steps to Drawing series starts with fun facts about the subject and then guides readers through a simple five-step drawing… More →

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Social Studies

Understanding the Basics

Young people need to know certain basics. Knowing how to tell time, how to read a ruler, or how to interpret a graph, for example, are lifelong skills that every child should learn. These… More →

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Fall '18 Life Sciences

Everyday Heroes

Millions of people around the world live with disorders and health conditions that affect their day-to-day lives. This series tells the stories of people living with chronic conditions… More →

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