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Title   ATOS Format Qty
African Americans 6.7 N/A
Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor 5.4
Alexander Hamilton: Soldier and Statesman 7.0
Amelia Earhart: Aviation Pioneer 4.9
Arab Americans 5.7 N/A
Asian Indian Americans 6.2 N/A
Benjamin Franklin: Printer, Scientist, Author, and Diplomat 5.7 N/A
Betsy Ross: Patriot 4.6 N/A
British Americans 6.4 N/A
Canadian Americans 5.9 N/A
Chief Joseph: Chief of the Nez Perce 4.9
Chinese Americans 6.5 N/A
Christopher Columbus: Explorer 5.2
Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross 5.5
Cuban Americans 5.6 N/A
Daniel Boone: Frontiersman 4.8 N/A
Dolley Madison: First Lady 5.0
Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady, Humanitarian, and World Citizen 6.3
Elizabeth Blackwell: Physician and Health Educator 5.9
Florence Nightingale: Founder of the Nightingale School of Nursing 6.0
French Americans 5.5 N/A
German Americans 6.2 N/A
Government: How Local, State, and Federal Government Works 7.4 N/A
Greek Americans 6.1 N/A