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A noteworthy review of In the Barnyard from Children's Bookwatch on October 1, 2016

Cover: Cats

‘Cats’ is an introduction to the world of domestic cats from the series, In the Barnyard, written for young readers age 5 and up. ‘Cats’ has information on domestic cat colors, characteristics, claws, eating hunting, and life expectancy, plus multiple color photo portraits of many different individual cats. Each pair of pages also has a highlighted sidebar feature with additional interesting facts about cats, called ‘Did You Know?’ ‘Cats’ is completed by a glossary and To Learn More section with additional written and web resources about cats. Young readers will enjoy paging through ‘Cats’ and learning more about some of their favorite pets. Additional titles from the In the Barnyard series that are also highly recommended include: ‘Goats’ (9781503808270, $27.07), by Mary Berendes, ‘Dogs’ (9781503808263, $27.07), by M. C. Swenson, ‘Cows’ (9781503808256, $27.07), by Cynthia Amoroso and Bob Noyed, ‘Chickens’ (9781503808249, $27.07), by Cynthia Amoroso and Bob Noyed, ‘Sheep’ (9781503808300, $27.07), by Mary Alinas, ‘Pigs’ (9781503808294, $27.07), by Cynthia Amoroso and Bob Noyed, and ‘Horses’ (9781503808287, $27.07), by Cynthia Amoroso and Bob Noyed.

—James A. Cox

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