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A noteworthy review of Wonders of Space from Horn Book Guide on October 1, 2016

Cover: Exploring Beyond Our Solar System

Wonders of Space series. Accounts of major events in space exploration—including the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, Voyager probes, Mars rovers, and Hubble telescope as well as recent missions to Saturn and Pluto—are presented in short narrative formats, with numerous quotes from those involved in the projects. Color photographs of planets, astronauts and scientists, and space technology effectively supplement the texts. Reading list. Glos., ind

—Danielle J. Ford

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Exploring Beyond Our Solar System 4.5
Space Missions of the 21st Century 4.5
The First Moon Landing 4.2
The International Space Station 4.6
The Mars Rovers 4.4
The Voyager Space Probes 4.5

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