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A noteworthy review of Pandemics and COVID-19 from School Library Journal on November 1, 2020

Cover: What Is COVID-19?

Upper elementary students may have many questions about COVID-19. From a discussion of pandemics in general to a reflection on how the virus has changed our world, this series addresses many of those questions. Large images with captions help to support the text, along with additional ‘COVID-19 Fact’ boxes. Vocabulary terms appear in boldface and are defined in the glossary. ‘Think About It’ offers ways for readers to apply what they have learned. A ‘Good News’ section highlights positive happenings, such as the increase in pet adoptions and the daily celebrations for health care workers at shift change. Further reading suggestions are included, and the publisher’s website ¬≠offers safe links. VERDICT A good source for ¬≠research or class discussions.

—Suzanne Costner

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
How Can I Help During COVID-19? NEW
How Has COVID-19 Changed Our World? NEW
What If I'm Worried about COVID-19? NEW
What Is a Pandemic? NEW
What Is COVID-19? NEW
Who Are the COVID-19 Helpers? NEW

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