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Cover: Counting

A noteworthy review of Simply Math from School Library Journal on December 1, 2013

In the first book, children are introduced to the basic concepts of counting by ones, fives, and tens, and of place values. Groups of children use familiar objects such as rocks, buttons, and jelly beans to count. In the second title, youngsters are introduced to fractions through different… View →

Cover: Father's Day

A noteworthy review of Holidays and Celebrations from School Library Journal on December 1, 2013

Heinrichs offers information about these celebrations and includes not only biological parents, but those who take on the roles as well. The reasons and people given credit for starting these observances are presented in simple terms. Some of the ways to honor mothers and fathers on their… View →


A Review of "World Traditions" in Library Media Connection

This series gives brief descriptions of various traditions around the world. Each chapter has a page of simple text and a photo or drawing. A small world map shows the focus country in red. Pronunciation keys are provided for unfamiliar words. Each book ends with an ‘Up Close’ section which… View →

Cover: The Constellation Scorpius: The Story of the Scorpion

A noteworthy review of Constellations from School Library Journal on November 1, 2013

These volumes provide both astronomy and mythology lessons in one very attractive package and are sure to be popular with young stargazers. Each of the books discusses a major constellation’s origin and mythology story, compares its presence in other cultures around the world, and explains… View →

Cover: Generosity

A noteworthy review of Values to Live By from School Library Journal on November 1, 2013

These titles offer simple description of positive virtues with a basic definition and examples of what it means to demonstrate them at home, at school, or in public. Generosity is introduced as sharing not only money and material things, but also time with others. The concept is expanded to… View →

Cover: Weird-but-True Facts about Animals

A noteworthy review of Weird-but-True Facts from Library Media Connection on November 1, 2013

This series is a fun way to look at history and information. Colorful pictures will attract readers of all ages. The pages are not overly wordy, which will appeal to children. Facts are presented as short snippets of information that are similar to those in trivia games. The books will… View →

Cover: First Aid Basics

A noteworthy review of Healthy Kids from School Library Journal on November 1, 2013

Basic health information, presented in a bright and positive format. Fit stresses the importance of physical activity as a component of overall health. Yoga, group sports, and individual aerobic activities are just some of the author’s suggestions for maintaining a healthy body, so it’s… View →

Cover: How to Make Paper Airplanes

A noteworthy review of Make Your Own Fun from Children's Bookwatch on October 1, 2013

How to Make Paper Airplanes is an exciting book from a juvenile crafts and activities series that teaches students in clearly illustrated, sequenced steps how to build 6 different paper airplane projects or related activities. Included are plans for the arrow, the dart, the flying fish, the… View →

Cover: Auto Racing: Math at the Racetrack

A noteworthy review of Math in Sports from Children's Bookwatch on October 1, 2013

Especially for young boys in grades 2 through 5, the use of sports to teach basic math skills is an especially useful classroom strategy. That’s why The Child’s World Math in Sports series would make a particularly valued addition to classroom and home school basic mathematics instruction… View →

Cover: Independence Day

A noteworthy review of Holidays and Celebrations from Children's Bookwatch on September 1, 2013

Independence Day begins with an introductory chapter on celebrating America’s birthday. It continues with background history of the Declaration of Independence, favored celebration activities including parades, songs, marches, flags and fireworks. Lyrics of favorite patriotic songs are… View →

Cover: Banking

A noteworthy review of Simple Economics from Library Media Connection on September 1, 2013

Teaching key concepts of financial literacy through stories of two friends, Mia and Tomas, each book begins with a common situation that the reader can identify with. The children discuss a situation with a family member or teacher who explains the concept in a way that young readers will… View →

Cover: How Many Spots Does a Leopard Have?: An African Folktale

A noteworthy review of Folktales from Around the World from Library Media Connection on September 1, 2013

These easy-to-read books retell worldwide folktales in a child-friendly manner. Colorful illustrations, along with monochromatic illustrations, add to the narration. At the end of each book is a discussion of folktales in general and the specific folktale, including a question for further… View →