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Phonics books in the ‘This and That’ series provide excellent individual sound coverage based on phonics principles for preschoolers though grade 2. Each includes a glossary of key words and phrases and a focus which covers 24 vowel and consonants, providing engaging story lines. Some of… View →


This publisher’s bright nature books are also especially appealing picks for youngsters seeking simple report material – each book features one animal and provides 32 pages of color photos mixed with basic facts. Grades 2-6 will appreciate Moose, Bears, Cardinals, Wolves, Jays, Robins… View →


This well-organized, attractive book describes the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and life cycle of the toucan. The text is straightforward and easy to read. Significant words are printed in bold face and defined in the glossary. Full-page captioned color photographs on… View →


Excellent book uses a question and answer format to provide information about the causes of droughts, where they occur, their characteristics and the effects they produce. Gives good background knowledge of forces that cause weather changes and the results. Each double-page spread, covering… View →


A brief introduction to the wetlands covers their appearance, location, and plants and animals that live there. Discusses ‘Why wetlands are important?’ and ‘Are wetlands in danger?’ Includes a page of readable text opposite a good full color photograph. Word in boldfaced type are defined in… View →


Parent Council, Ltd. (nong given)

Colorful, larger-than-life photos reveal caterpillars in all of their creepy-crawling glory. Large easy-to-read text takes readers on a journey of metamorphosis from egg to butterfly or moth. Includes table of contents and glossary. View →


School Library Journal (Megan McGuire)

A well-designed book that covers King’s life from his childhood to his death and the prevailing sociopolitical issues of the era that helped shape his views. Readers will learn about the man’s early influences, education, marriage, position as a civil rights leader, and his assassination in… View →


Tacoma Public Schools (S. McHugh)

A series of riddles with picture clues about things that bloom in spring. This would be a good addition in the Head Start and Language PreSchool Class Room. View →


Third graders in social studies classes will find these American history titles important and librarians will appreciate their durability and lasting topics. Historical photos blend with history and story lines in titles approximately 23 pages long. Each provides basic information for… View →


School Library Journal (Esther C. Ball)

Two titles that adequately cover their subjects. Each one begins with a description of the environmental problem and its causes, followed by a discussion of its effects on plant and animal life. Both authors offer practical advice on what individuals can do to help bring these situations… View →


School Library Journal (Krista Grosick)

Attractive and clearly written biographies of two men who have been influential in the struggle for the rights of African Americans. Their lives and achievements are chronicled from birth to death in a concise manner. The large, beautifully reproduced sepia-toned photographs on almost every… View →


This publisher’s series titles are fine choices for libraries seeking useful references with eye-catching covers. Kids in elementary-level grades will find them involving and packed with important facts. ’Earth’s Conditions’ provide very simple explanations for young students. View →