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Fall '17 Social Studies

All About Money

Understanding the basic concept of money is essential for young kids. Through this informative series, young readers will learn about the coins and bills that Americans use every day… More →

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Fall '17 High Interest

Animal Olympics

The animal kingdom is full of talented athletes. This series brings them together for one epic competition. Each book takes an in-depth look at an event and how humans fare on each skill… More →

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Fall '17 Language Arts


Developed by a team of renowned experts and described by critics as leading the field, these charming books entice developing readers to learn blend sounds by incorporating full-color… More →

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Fall '17 Narrative Nonfiction

Immigrant Experiences

The United States has always been a nation of immigrants. This series puts readers into the shoes of immigrants, with fascinating true stories of their experiences and challenges, and how… More →

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Fall '17 Science/Tech

My Day Learning Science

Science is a part of everyday life. Come along as a fictional child explores real science concepts such as wind, colors, and magnetism during his or her day. The carefully leveled text and… More →

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Fall '17 Narrative Nonfiction

Superstar Stories

Young readers are fascinated by the lives of their favorite stars. This kid-friendly series brings readers behind the scenes to witness each star's early life and influences, as well as their… More →

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Fall '17 Natural Sciences

U.S.A. Travel Guides

Travel the U.S.A. in this exciting series! Discover the amazing buildings, breathtaking parks, and fun festivals in each state. Readers will learn about each destination's history… More →

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