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High Interest

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Animal Olympics (8 titles) NEW
Beginning Sports (12 titles)
Dangerous Jobs in Action (8 titles)
Divisions of Football (8 titles)
Earth-Friendly Projects (8 titles)
Extreme Sports (20 titles)
Favorite Baseball Teams (8 titles)
Favorite Basketball Teams (8 titles)
Gross Jobs (8 titles)
Holiday Crafts (8 titles)
Icky, Sticky, Gross-Out Books (7 titles)
In the Driver's Seat (8 titles)
Incredible Sports Records (6 titles)
Inside Look at Sports Events (6 titles)
Insider's Guide to Pro Football (32 titles)
Jump into Sports (4 titles)
Kids' Guides (10 titles)
Laughing Matters (7 titles)
Make Your Own Fun (8 titles)
Military Special Forces in Action (6 titles)
Neighborhood Sports (8 titles) NEW
Stars of Today (8 titles)
Superstar Stories (8 titles) NEW
Survival Guides (8 titles)